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Mare Serinitatis

Looking for serenity

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No one has to cry, while I can smile.
No one owns the sky so blue above you.
Somewhere in this world
There's a field where we all play
The secret's in your eyes
No one has to cry
-The Fixx

1: wander aimlessly
2: talk indistinctly; usually in a low voice
3: speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly

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I grew up in the midwest and couldn't wait to leave. At 18, I moved to California and attempted to get a degree in physics. It just wasn't in the cards. After living in Cali for six years, I decided big cities for the birds and moved back to North Dakota. I did finally manage to get a BS in physics. I also got my MRS (for the second time) about 3 weeks later, and had a child (for the second time) a year after that. Despite my intention to move back out west and get a PhD in geophysics, I decided that it would be better to stay in North Dakota and earn my MS in electrical engineering. This is primarily because of my husband, who is finishing his PhD and working full-time as an engineer. (You should hear our conversations.) I also became a homeschooling mom while I worked on my MS. (I have some rather unorthodox views on education, and these were only exacerbated by my gifted/learning-disabled older son.) Now, I'm finally getting around to that PhD in geophysics, which has brought me to a big city in Minnesota. My husband and younger son are still in Fargo, and I commute home on the weekends. We're all hoping to stay sane through this...although it's obviously too late for the cats.