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Five days and counting...

When we were looking at getting a dog, I said there was no way we would start out with a rescue dog.  I was terrified that what we'd end up with was a 150 lb. monster whom I couldn't control but would've felt guilty sending back.  I therefore find it ironic that having one in my house has only underscored what a brat my own dog currently is...the dog that I have raised from a puppy who came directly from a reputable breeder.  Boy, I sure hope she grows out of this.

On that note...

Rainier's health is continuing to improve.  He's been on antibiotics for a day and a half, and his eyes have cleared up.  Hopefully his skin will soon, as well.  He sure loves it when I clean off his neck.  He leans over and presses his neck into my hand.  Ears are starting to look better, too.  I'm supposed to clean them twice per day as well as give him triotic ear solution.  He doesn't like me messing with his ears, though, and the other day, he ran and put his head in a corner.  He's getting more cooperative, though.

He doesn't like teeth brushing, so I've just been rubbing some doggie toothpaste onto his gums.  He seems okay with that.  Between that and the dentasticks, and perhaps improved diet, his breath is almost tolerable now.  His parasite screening came back negative, which is good.  His stools are still up and down but are overall much better than when we first got him.

His barking has stopped almost entirely.  After that first night, he hasn't really barked in the kennel at all during the night.  He does a bit when I put him in during the day, but Ada does it far more than he.

He and Ada are still working things out.  She loves to play chase.  He just likes to crawl on top of her.  There have been a few tense moments, but overall there's a lot more interaction and tail wagging than there used to be.  She's not sulking as much, but she's still very ornery about not eating out of a dish he's eaten from.

Rainier is still getting better with complying with commands.  He's got sit down very well along with "go home".  Down is still giving us a lot of trouble.  When we're eating dinner, Ada will come up and sniff, and she is told to lie down.  She does that until we're done eating, and then we usually give her a chunk of table food (usually the younger boy's leftovers) as a reward.  Rainier doesn't understand this yet, and even worse, he's tall enough that when he comes up to sniff the food, he can get his head almost a quarter of the way across the table.  This is probably our biggest problem area.  Otherwise, he just needs to learn some commands.

I take the two of them for walks in the morning, and this is where it becomes apparent what a pill my own dog is.  Rainier just generally walks along side me, keeping my pace. He may veer off to sniff at something, which I let him do.  When I tell him to go and start walking along, he stops whatever he's doing and quickly gets next to me again.  Ada, on the other hand, is a nightmare...and pretty much always has been.  She pulls, veers off, will bolt whenever she hears a strange noise, won't come away from an interesting smell unless I pretty much drag her.  Believe it or not, we've gone through about six obedience classes with this girl...and we still have these issues.

I think some of this is because she was the only dog.  She thinks she's boss and can do all this stuff.  I'm hoping that Rainier will have a positive effect and demonstrate how she ought to be behaving.


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Jul. 12th, 2012 06:44 am (UTC)
Rainier is older. Ada is still in the puppy stage. Do Newfs take a long time to get out of the puppy stage? I've heard someone say that at the age of three, give or take, dogs get out of the puppy stage and are better behaved. We've always had dogs that are older, no puppies.

Looks like Rainier is a good dog. Already knowing commands is a good sign. You're doing a great job.

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