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How not to have fun...

1 - Cram your entire work week into three days.
2 - On the fourth day, drive to another city.
3 - Day five, have a surgery. Make sure it's traumatic. Spend several hours driving back home.
4 - Spend the weekend in pain. Add in restless children to maximize distractions.
5 - Realize that school gets out three days earlier than you thought, so scramble for daycare.
6 - Get daycare for only half the week. (Although remember to have fun Christmas shopping with the kid.)
7 - Get a cold. Be terrified that every time you sneeze, you're going to reopen your surgery wound.
8 - Have a boatload of papers to read.
9 - Have a book chapter to review. Make sure it's already past its deadline.
10 - Have a boatload of meetings at work so that you have to be there. Make sure critical people don't show at one of the meetings so that you sit and wait and then end up rescheduling.

I have to admit that I thought things would be a bit easier without having a boatload of labs and exams to grade. Instead, we're starting a new project at work, I was asked to add on a second project (although I expect the time commitment to be fairly minimal), and then I had everything else like normal.

Still...even though I'm hopelessly behind, I know I'll catch up when I'm feeling better, and it's still much better than being in Minneapolis. However, I almost fell asleep driving yesterday (started drifting into the center turn lane), so I decided that today after my meeting, I'm going to come home and try to do some work from home...and rest if I need it. Don't want to be a bundle of ickiness this weekend with family here.

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Dec. 23rd, 2010 03:32 pm (UTC)
Feel better, and I hope the holidays are a time of joy and rest for you!
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