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Official end of summer

We had a last hurrah this weekend. Tomorrow the older boy will begin homeschooling and the younger first grade. Supplies have been purchased and are lying in wait in backpacks.

In a twisted up way, things ended up working out for the older boy's high school classes. He decided to take both semesters of the computer applications class. He said learning more powerpoint and Excel was probably a useful thing, and the second semester would cover Access, so he'd get some experience with databases.

It turns out that half of the second semester covers web design as well. So he'll get to have some web design after all, and he won't have to do it through independent study. Despite all my fretting, he will get some useful skills as well as the stuff he wanted. His first couple days went well.

He got Friday off, however, as we went to the Minnesota State Fair to see Rush in concert. It was a great concert, although I was slightly dismayed by the fact that I am extremely vertically challenged and the people in front of me were...not. (Funny comment of the evening: Friend who was standing next to me, and is significantly taller, said he'd never seen Alex wearing a plaid shirt when they came out on stage. Then he looked at me and commented that I still hadn't.) There was sampling of some unique fair food. We also took some time to veg over the weekend, especially indulging in the hotel's hot tub and some excellent Chinese food. We normally run a million miles per hour on vacation, but we really tried to avoid doing that this time. Hopefully we're all rested up and prepared for the school year to begin.

But I am very anxious. I am always anxious at the beginning of the school year as I never know how soon crises will start popping up and, now that the younger boy is officially in school, which child may be the first to have one. I am hoping that maybe I will have a nice, anomalous year, and everything will flow smoothly. Not counting on it, though.

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Aug. 30th, 2010 05:08 am (UTC)
Yeah, I wish I could avoid crises at the beginning of the school year. Oldest has been in a little over a week? Already. Geez. I know what you mean. I'm crossing my fingers yours get off to a better start. I have another week and a half before the other two are off to school.
Aug. 30th, 2010 12:51 pm (UTC)
Sounds like things are working out well... which is fantastic! And may this year be crisis-free.

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