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The bus ride update

I bet you're all dying to know how the older one did. He made it home just fine. I actually met him at the transfer point, and we rode the second leg together. However, he had no problems getting there. Tonight will be the big test because he'll have to go the whole way by himself. I'm feeling a lot better about this, though. He's catching on quick.

On the other hand, I hope my schedule works out better next semester in case the weather gets really bad in January/February. Mike and I both commented, however, that even when it was cold and nasty, we still had to walk to and from school.

So where did this compulsion to drive my kid to/from school come from? Peer pressure?

When we lived in Fargo, we lived three blocks from the school. One day, a kid went missing after school. One of the neighbors called me that night and told me people were looking for him. After I said I had no idea where the kid was, she mentioned that she thought I should know because my son walks to school on his own.

Oh unsubtle can you get.

It makes me insane that people are so worried about their kids being abducted by strangers because it's no more common now than it was a few decades ago. Additionally, the most likely people to do this are family members. (In the case of the missing kid, his aunt took off with him, and he willingly got in the car.) But I think most people are rather ignorant of statistics. It's funny to know that a little math could help people trust each other more.
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