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Happiest Days of Our Lives

I read Happiest Days of Our Lives by Wil Wheaton, the autographed (to me!) copy that my friend brought back from Comic Con. In addition to it being a short book, I can't do much work since I'm supposed to keep my foot elevated as much as possible so I have time on my hands.

The younger one has had a very interesting reaction. He looked at the pictures on the cover and asked, "Who's that?"
"His name is Wil."
"Oh! I like Wil. He's going to come over and play with me."
"That's a nice thought, but Wil is a big person."
"Then he will come and pick me up and we will go to the park."

I love how four-year-olds think that seeing a nice picture of a person wearing footie pajamas means you're instantly friends and want to hang together.

Anyway, the book brought a lot of memories up for me. As I've mentioned before, I was a Star Wars freak who adored Princess Leia. I think the weirdest part of the book is that it feels like many of the stories could have been written by any one of my friends. Except the stuff about Star Trek and the poker game. Those are a bit novel.

I enjoyed it. I wished it was longer, though. My foot still needs to be elevated. :-)
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