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I'm sitting here, feeling like I have a hang-over (although it's more likely a bug I picked up at school since I don't drink), just having wrecked the cupcakes I made for my son's birthday (who knew the oven was still warm enough to melt the frosting?!), and thinking that I really had nothing to contribute to scientiae this month.

Heck, how can I talk about renewal when I feel like I have a 10 foot deep (oops...sorry, 3.2 meter deep) pile of stuff pressing down on me? I don't feel like I can "renew" anything until I take care of all these other obligations that require closure first. (Of course, one might take the tack that closure is required for a new start or renewal, but that seems so far off...)

I decided instead to read my friends' blogs and see what they were up to...which is, of course, my usual mode of avoidance. One friend sounds rather depressed (understandably so), so I began telling him how he needed to get out more. Sitting in an office, dealing with the same old stuff can be very oppressive. You start to wonder what the point is. What am I doing here when I'm really not enjoying myself?

I told him that he needed to get out more and see the sights. Enjoy life. Hang out with friends. Spend time alone. Enjoy nature. Enjoy people watching. Do things you love. Just enjoy being.

As I hit the send button, I realized that maybe I needed to take my own advice. Those are the things I should be doing to remind myself why I'm following this path. Sometimes you have to get off the path to appreciate it's beauty.

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